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Posted almost 5 years ago by Kate Martinez

our exercise holiday challenge ended on Valentine's day and here all teams minutes. Prizes for the first 3 teams will be distributed at our dinner meeting on March 5th. we have some amazing prizes donated from local merchants including: yoga , crossfit and dance classes, wellness teas, massages, and various gifts cards. 

1st place : Prancersizers 20745 minutes

2nd place: Team Grandma Shirley 19520 minutes

3rd place: Speedy Cheetahs 14795 minutes

4th place: Adiposers 12910 minutes

5th place : Chronotropic Competence 8490 minutes

6th place: Tripe M and N 6155 minutes

7th place: No Name Team 2370 minutes

8th place: Fit4Fun 160 minutes

Congrats to all teams for participation! lets have 15 teams next year!