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Proposed bylaws changes

Posted over 5 years ago by Margaret Catchpole

DNA 30/CSAPN Board of Directors is proposing the following bylaws changes.  Voting on the changes will open August 1 and close August 30 on this website.

  1. The first change is to clarify the existing length of service for the secretary.
  2. The second change is to clarify the Nominating Committee timeline for election of officers.
  3. The third change is to provide for electronic voting for the general elections.
  4. The fourth change is to comply with the Colorado Nurses’ Association change to an annual membership assembly instead of an annual convention with elected delegates.

 Proposed Bylaws Changes

Article V

Terms of Office: Insert two and every two years into sentence number 3.

Secretary is elected for a two year term and may run for re-election every two years.

Article VIII

Nomination Committee: Insert Board of Directors in the first sentence.

The Nominating Committee shall prepare a ballot consisting of at least one nominee for each office and shall present the ballot at the March Board of Directors meeting.


Delete General Elections

Replace it with:

General Elections:

Voting shall be done by secret electronic ballot. Ballots will be posted on the website by the first day of April. Electronic voting will be closed the thirtieth day of April. Newly elected officers will be notified electronically by the first day of May and will assume their duties at the May meeting.

Delete Special Elections



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