Colorado Society of Advanced Practice Nurses

Call for Nominations for CNA Board Members

Posted about 1 month ago by Shirelle Claggett

CNA Board of Directors are Elected Representatives of CNA Regions, per our Bylaws.  The 2018 CNA Membership Assembly voted to change our Regions from a total of 3 Regions to 6 Regions.  We used to elect 2 (two) members from each of the 3 Regions, and we will now elect 1 (one) member from each of the 6 Regions, as well as 2 (two) representatives from SIG's. The intention of this change is to work to increase member engagement from the full State of Colorado. 

The Call for Nominations has gone out for the 2018-2019 CNA Board of Directors and is available on our Home Page at

Below is a list of the open positions.  I have attempted to further describe the Regions by including the DNA's, both past and present, they represent.

    (One)   Secretary (Must be ANA and CNA Joint Member)

    (One)   Director - Region 1 (DNA 8 & 9)

    (One)   Director - Region 2 (DNA 3, 12, 16, 20, 23)

    (One)   Director - Region 3 (DNA 4)

    (One)   Director - Region 4 (DNA 6)

    (One)   Director - Region 5 (DNA 7)

    (One)   Director - Region 6 (DNA 5)

    (Two)   Director - Special Interest Group

    (One)   Director - Recent Graduate Director At Large - within 5 years of Entry Licensure

    (Three)  Nominating Committee Representatives

    (One)  ANA Membership Assembly Voting Representative

The Bylaws provide an overview of the fiduciary and organizational responsibilities of CNA Board members.  We are a volunteer driven organization and the Commitment to Service as well as supporting the work of CNA to work for our members have been highlighted by the Nominating Committee as priorities for candidates to consider.

If you know of any individual, who is a leader in nursing, we would appreciate any assistance you can offer in recruiting candidates.  

Again, the CNA Website Home Page has a "Call for Volunteers" link, just below the Annual Conference and Meeting Announcement