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New DNA 30 Business Meeting Policy-Effective Immediately

Posted over 5 years ago by Kelly Mowrey

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The board of DNA-30 has created a policy to address registration, no-show's and late-comers in order to maximize attendance and best address the needs of our members and sponsors. The most critical aspects of the policy are posted below but all are encouraged to review the full policy attached.

As you are all aware, sponsorship for our meetings is becoming much harder to secure. It is critical that when you RSVP for a meeting that you attend or cancel online as detailed below. These dinners cost $50-100 per plate and the sponsor must pay for the full number of registered guests, regardless of the actual number that attend. In February we had 65 guests RSVP and only 48 actually attend. This cost our sponsor $1700 in "no-shows".

We look forward to many more "maximum capacity" meetings for networking, information exchange, education and great food and drinks!

See you in April,

The DNA-30 Board

Excerpt from "DNA 30 Business Meeting Policy"

III. Registration- At the time a meeting is posted online (CSAPN.enpnetwork.com), only “full-access” members (dues paying or “lifetime members”) will be given RSVP access for the first 7 days. After that time “limited-access” members (students and non-members) will be allowed to RSVP.

  1. When the meeting is full a “wait-list” will be formed online. As cancellations occur the wait-listed attendees will be notified via email from the website that they have been registered.
  2. Those who are unable to RSVP are welcome to attend the business meeting but are not guaranteed a seat for dinner if the meeting is full. In small venues there may not be space for non-seated guests.

            i. Seats for RSVP’d guests will be held until 6:45PM. After that point seats will be opened up to non-registered guests who are waiting to be seated.

IV. Attendance- Guests who RSVP are expected to attend the event or cancel their registration online by noon on the day of the event.

  1. Cancellations must be done online (in order for the waitlist to be registered and notified)
  2. Those who RSVP and fail to attend will be emailed a letter reminding them of the significant cost to our sponsors when guests no-show.

             i.  Dinners are typically $50-100/plate and the sponsor must pay for the full number of RSVP’d guests regardless of whether or not they attend.

3. The DNA-30 board reserves the right to block a guest from RSVP’ing for the dinner if they have been a “no-show” 2 times in a 6 month period.

V. Late Policy- Seats will be held for RSVP’d guests until 6:45PM. After that point your seat will be opened to non-registered guests waiting to be seated.

                i. “Holding” seats for friends and colleagues (RSVP’d or not) will not be allowed when all seats are taken and non-RSVP’d guests are waiting to be seated.