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Call for Nominations

Posted over 1 year ago by Afton Williamson

Call for Nominations: SIG30 Board of Directors

SIG30 will hold elections for board of director officers during the month of April. 

SIG30 has one open elected position beginning May 2018:

President: This is a three year term as president-elect, active president and finally, immediate past-president. The role of the president-elect is to learn the role and responsibilities before assuming the role of active president. The president prepares agenda and leads the monthly board and dinner meetings. The role of the immediate past-president is to support the active president in his/her role and help orient new board members to their roles. The president attends all monthly board meetings, all monthly membership meetings and actively participate in activities of SIG 30. 

In addition, SIG30 has the following appointed positions available beginning May 2018: 

Student Representatives: Student representatives will be expected to attend Board and Membership meetings and serve as liaison to students in their academic programs. This appointed board position will role model the importance of participating in one's professional organization.The board would ideally like to have student representatives from a variety of advanced practice programs and degrees. We have not set a limit on the number of student representatives that will serve on the board. The expectation is for student representatives to attend 50% of board of director meetings which typically take place in the evening on the fourth Monday of the month (approx. a total of seven meetings per year) and 50% of member meetings which take place in the evening on the first Wednesday of the month (total of twelve per year).

The deadline for submitting interest in a position is February 23, 2018. 

If you are interested in a position or if you have any other questions, please contact Afton Williamson, SIG30 president, at