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Alert to all Medicaid Providers

Posted almost 2 years ago by Stacey Wall

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Major changes in Colorado Medicaid are occurring that everyone needs to know:

  1. Colorado Medicaid is making major changes in data delivery system platform -project is called the Commit Project, which involves 3 separate parts,;
  2. Colorado interchange, 2. Pharmacy Benefit management and 3. business intelligence and management system.
  3. This new system has all new vendors for data management including provider enrollment, client eligible, claims management  (see the Commit Project presentation)
  4. The Commit project was delayed from the to go live date of Oct. 31 2016 , it has been postponed until March 2017 due in part to lack of revalidation of medical and behavioral health providers. As of Nov. 16  over 4,000 current providers have not revalidation.
  5. Please Note: All medical and behavioral health providers need to revalidated and/ or enroll into the Colorado interchange to be involved in Colorado Medicaid in 2017. Completing the process the sooner the better, since it may take several weeks  to complete and then to wait for confirmation.
  6. Follow the Guide to the postponement for Providers provided in this email. 

Have you completed revalidation and /or  enrollment into the Colorado interchange  Visit Provider Enrollment at: www.Colorado.gov/hcpf/provider-enrollment

  • Step 1: Find your provider Type  This is a very critical step because if chosen incorrectly the revalidation application will have to be restarted.
  • Step 2: Follow the instruction carefully .
  • Step 3: New call center for revalidation and enrollment assistance – 844-235-2387 8am-5pm MT. Monday – Friday.

Brenda VonStar RN, FNPC

Serving on the State of Colorado Department of HealthCare Policy and Finance Department’s Medicaid Accountable Care Collaborative Program Improvement Advisory Committee and subcommittee for Provider and Community Relations